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The MagicStream® Laminar is designed to provide a clear, turbulence-free stream of water that can be lit with a LED light engine for a dazzling nighttime effect. The 12 VAC powered LED light engine is capable of generating a series of multicolored light shows, or can be set to display a continuous, single color.

There are four primary considerations in selecting a waterfall for a project:1. Water effect2. Waterfall length3. Lip length4. Color5. Water supply location: Rear (standard)

This innovative water effect is designed to be cast into the concrete deck orgunite sidewall of a swimming pool. It can also be mounted through the sidewall of a vinyl liner in-ground or above ground pool. It is furnished with fi ve water effect eyeballs, one of which you will install in the body after the pool is complete.

The MagicStream® Deck Jet II is designed to be installed in the deck or landscaping surrounding the pool, spa, fountain, or pond. The Deck Jet’s swivel nozzle (Figure 1) produces a 5/16” stream of water. The Deck Jet body is equipped with two, 3/16” drain holes to allow water to drain from the cup surrounding the nozzle into the drain cavity at the base of the body (Figure 1). Be sure to keep the drain holes clear of debris. To aid in draining, Pentair recommends placing a gravel layer beneat...